what is the ball hierarchy

the ball hierarchy is a completely endless chain of balls, each containing the previous ball as well as a huge void surrounding it.

each ball has a thick inner shell that is exactly as thick as the entirety of the previous ball.

ball 0 is the size of a Protoverse, has a dimensionality of 0 and has a finality index of 1 and having an Existence Rank of 1, it is basically just a Point. not really a ball but who cares lol.

ball 1 is a line of unknown length, has a dimensionality of 1 and a finality index of 2 having an Existence Rank of 1. it is a line.

ball 2 is a circle with a dimensionality of 2 and a finality index of 3.

ball 3 is the first real ball, with a dimensionality of 3 and a finality index of 4, making it uninterpretable.

you should get the point by now. (pun definitely intended.)

each ball is 1 Finality Index above the previous and has a dimensionality of 1 above the previous.

each ball is also an undefined size larger than the previous, but it is confirmed to not be finite.

each ball has a randomized color and some balls are multicolored, this has no significance whatsoever however it is a neat thing to point out, there is no found reason as to why this happens.

there is a 0.01% chance that a ball is full of copies of the previous ball.

every Ωth ball, the Existence Rank is increased by 0.5 and this might not seem like much but then you realize that 0% of the way through, the balls will have transfinite existence ranks.

almost every prime numbered ball whether finite or transfinite, (wtf) the Finality Index and dimensionality is increased by Ω instead of 1, however this does not count with balls under the number of 1337.

the balls in the ball hierarchy are also locked in position, not moving, not rotating, nothing changes about the balls and they cannot be interacted with, but you can touch them. if you are ever trapped on a ball, you cannot escape without being able to teleport outside of the ball, it's as if they were stuck in time, not moving, not rotating, not changing whatsoever.

the composition of balls is unknown, but it is thought to be an indestructible substance that is always existing in the same time, never travelling through it.

you can, however, remove the colors from balls to reveal a white surface. it turns out that the colors above the balls are actually paint from an unknown origin.

the ball hierarchy is actually contained inside of a pocket dimension where only it exists, but you can enter it.

^ this also means it contains NO verses.

it is estimated the ball hierarchy will change default color to black then back to white. this is very far into the future.

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