The Barrel is not a box, but it is a concept that links the subsections of nothingness in the The Box. Notice that all of the box contains recursive functions of itself, so to go outside of it it needs to be inaccessible to the inside of the Omniverse. That's how the size is determined.

How it Works

The Barrel is non-existant, and it also contains "nothingness" compressed down to a size below xoꓭ ǝʜT due to inter- Cetaversal interactions. causing the "nothingness" to defy logic and stay compressed without expanding, and also causes the "nothingness" to act like exists, which means it attracts/is attracted to nothing. This allows for hyperattraction of nothingness due to the fact that smaller nothing = nothing can be more dense, creating "wormholes" to structures within The Barrel.


  • Layer ∅: Layer ∅ is pre-nothing structures, like TREEVERSE, Infinity Forest, Omniverse, and other structures. It is defined as "layer null", due to the fact that it isn't nothing, so can't be really assigned a number value.
  • Layer 0: Layer 0 is nothingness, but not the Barrel yet. This area is known as The Outside.
  • Layer 1: Layer 1 is where the Barrel starts, and is very loosely connected with the other layers. There appear to be tons of "invisible walls" here, but they turn out to be gaps in nothingness, the container of things, that Layer 1 hasn't covered. The invisible walls get worse until the end of Layer 1, where entities that can't change existence state will get trapped. Changing existence state is very hard due to the tiny size of xoꓭ ǝʜT, but exposure to the "invisible walls" helps a tiny bit. Entities that escape Layer 1 are pretty lucky.
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