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The Big is a Verse that "contains" Kceh. It does not actually contain it, but is the next largest Verse in the Hierarchy. It's size is too big to adequately describe with numbers, and is simply referred to as Big. It is unknown how large The Big is compared to Kceh, but it is known that it is at such a size that Kceh will never catch up with it. The Big is filled with The Quadruple Existences.

The Big is guarded by 8 incredibly large, incredibly powerful beings. They, together, are powerful enough to destroy The Big itself. They guard The Big from dangers from neighboring Verses.

The Big is composed of an uncountable amount of floating islands, each with their own cities, landscapes, environments, and creatures. The size of these islands widely vary, from as small as Earth to as large as The Quadruple Existence. Some of the larger floating islands have their own floating islands, sometimes even having their OWN floating islands.

At the center of The Big is something unbelievably powerful and awesome. Nobody has laid their eyes on it, as anybody who comes close enough to be able to see it is warped to one of the floating islands, with their memories altered so they forget about the entire situation. There have been countless theories at to what lies in the middle.

At one of the farther ends of The Big lies a void. Absolutely nothing lies in here, and everything that attempts to enter is instantly separated into its most elementary components, which are warped an inconceivable distance away. When this happens, the void expands. However, light entering the void causes it to shrink by a small amount.

The 8 guardian entities and many societies within the Big Ring blast large beams of light at the void, keeping it's size in check. It is still a tough fight, and the size of the Void frequently fluctuates. If the Void were to grow too large, it would become unstoppable, and go on to consume the rest of The Big and beyond. This makes blasting light at the Void a very important job to do. People who take up this profession, known as the Photoblasters, are paid very well for their work. Tools to blast even bigger amounts of light are constantly being invented.

Dark entities are frequently shot out of the void. They attempt to gather as much matter as possible and put it into the void, causing it to grow. A special army known as the Voidslayers help to take down these entities, which are also weak to large amounts of light. Battles are frequent in The Big, and occasionally, these void entities are able to send entire islands into the void, killing and destroying everyone and everything on them.

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