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The Bigger is gigantic, to say the least. For a size comparison, think of the size gap in-between Kceh and The Big. The gap between the bigger and the previous verse is even more insane. It is so indescribably big compared to the previous verse that we don't even really have a way to describe it, and it's size is simply known as "Bigger".

The Bigger is a truly remarkable Verse. It is inhabited by a wide variety of gigantic, equally remarkable creatures. The majority of them float peacefully throughout the verse. The Bigger contains an uncountable amount of planets and small verses, each one being unique and different from the others.

The Bigger is so astonishing that any lower being would surely their brains fried just from viewing it. Luckily, The Bigger is so large that you likely wouldn't be able to see it from a lower verse due to how dim it would be. The Bigger and following verses are not able to be accessed by unenlightened beings.

In a way, The Bigger is almost alive. When harmed, an extremely loud noise can be heard erupting from the verse's core and spreading throughout the entirety of it. The Bigger also interacts with the creatures inside of it. Those who try to take care of and preserve it are rewarded. On the other hand, those who attempt to harm or destroy the verse will be pulled into its center.

It is unknown what is at the center of The Bigger. It is invisible to the naked eye, and anybody who comes to close will be repelled away from it. However, when as mentioned before, the center pulls somebody in, they reach the very middle before apparently freezing. They will then slowly fade away into nothingness. This is unlikely to be what truly happens, and is only what we can see.

Like The Big, The Bigger contains many small voids. However, unlike The Big, these are easily controlled, so much so that they tend to pop into existence for mere seconds before disappearing again. There are, however, multiple designated areas where these voids are intentionally preserved. The entities in The Bigger tend to snack on them.

The Bigger is defended from harm by a large amount of creatures, even more gargantuan than the verse's normal inhabitants. They are spread across the Verse, each with its own territory. It should be noted that there are no physical barriers between territories, and little differences between them. They simply mark what guardian protects that specific area. When a guardian dies (which is almost always of natural causes, due to their power), the strongest creature in that territory will transform into the new guardian of that area.