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The Bin is even larger than The Coin, and can do anything. It is like the box, since it contains many coins, but since it is not in The Coin, it doesn't even have stable time, so sometimes it will randomly lose or gain a Coin or go back in time. The Bin is just a container full of all of these different coins with different time schedules. The Bin cannot control time itself, but its coins can.

A coin became a coin. It jumped into the coin jar. - Georgian people, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Tier One Unknown Anywhere Everywhere The MAX NA Super NA Mega NA Hyper NA Ultra NA Omni NA Final NA
Tier Two The Alternate The Purple Maze The Green Maze The Blue Maze The Great Complex Great Location Uber Realm Black The End
Tier Three Everyverse The Last The Coin The Bin