The 2nd Color Barrier.

Half way there comes The Blue Barrier, The next barrier is the color Green, the rings show a useful thing RGB (except it's not in order) but the final is the rainbow. Something about this barrier is that it has such a good power that it keeps Obice Novissimo smaller than it and keeping Obice Novissimo pulls back making a stable balance of the forces causing it to balance the force so The Blue Barrier is the same size because it does the same this, Obice Novissimo puts a force on it making it smaller but The Blue Barrier expands so The Blue Barrier is still fine and the same shape and size.

2 Cool Facts

  1. This barrier is hard to escape because it covers it a lot. 2. It is like a foggy place because a lot of gas is there. 3. Only 3 Spaceships got here and only 1 got past it and that final 1 broke through the final barrier and got to the ultimate universe
  2. It can make blue wavelengths
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