The Blue Maze

The Blue Maze.jpg

It's been boring so far, but do not worry, this is the last maze. It is blue because where there should be void between Green Mazes, there is water. Due to other unique features, it is also called "Waterstar Maze"

And even more so, there is a very hard ice shell under the water of the maze which is near impenetrable and noted for its nearly unnatural smoothness. The ice also seems to have its Green Mazes ingrained in it, with the ice and mazes going deep as the core, which holds some sort of beyond solid. The core is heavily studied and only 0.01% of The Blue Maze.

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Tier Two The Alternate The Purple Maze The Green Maze The Blue Maze The Great Complex Great Location Uber Realm Black The End
Tier Three Everyverse The Last The Coin The Bin
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