The Bond

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The Bond Being busy Or Interrupted

Introduction and Bubbles

The bond has its name because it somehow bonds together multiple Unimaginables in a single -verse, having very mysterious, specific, and usually ludicrous laws of physics within its barriers as a means to keep all of the Unimaginables inside it... well... inside it. Each unimaginable is contained in a very thin layer of a bubble-like sphere that has been swam through by odd cosmic entities. The rest of The Bond also has a thin layer around it which keeps the bubbles inside as well.

How the Bubbles Were Made

An ancient, powerful entity known as The Bubble Blower made these barriers, although she resides in The Barrier of Reality, keeping these layers protected is her greatest and only duty. More info on her (to be made) page, but know that she is very important to this verse's everything.

Other Information

Its amount of Unimaginables is, well, unimaginable as it is infinite, but even that isn't enough to describe the density of this place. Take a Percudicascadaverse, a very small verse at this point and somewhat unrecognizable. Its size is the distance between Unimaginables, making this one of the most dense places in The Barrier of Reality.

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