The Box is the container of everything and the terminator to the 1st-class. The Box contains everything that exists, as well as everything that doesn't exist.

If you can think of any concept, it's going to be in the Box.


The Box contains itself, naturally, as The Box is a container that exists, meaning it has an endless loop of self-containment. This means when you escape a Box, there will be another Box directly after it.

Thus, it is impossible to escape The Box, since no matter how far you go out, there will always be another Box.

The way to circumnavigate this, is to change your existence rank to something other than 1 (existing) or 0 (non-existing) and to then travel out of The Box at infinite speeds.

The Box axiom

Even though there is an infinite number of boxes, we can accept, as an axiom, that there still is a "set of all Boxes", just like there is a "set of all natural numbers".

This means, whether it is physical, metaphysical, pataphysical or nonphysical reality, a "thing" can technically still escape the Box due to this axiom.

Such an object is called a metaboxial structure. There are many of them, most of them have since been protected by smaller metaboxial structures. Although metaboxial structures exist outside the box, its concept is still kept in the box, as well as a physical form with altered size.

Currently, 3 categories of mBoxes are recognised:

  • Metaboxes (mBoxes for short): Things that are beyond The Box
  • Superboxes (sBoxes for short): Things that contain more than The Box
  • Ultraboxes (uBoxes for short): Things that contain more than beyond The Box and more
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