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The Box is.

The Box is container of Existence-0 and Existence-1, also known as the embodiment of Finality-2.


The Box is a self-containing object; it recursively contains unique instances of itself, with the opposite applying as well. These instances fall under the same definition of containing everything that exists and doesn't exist. Additionally, each instance contains the same Boxial Core, with the exterior of the core randomly and fluidly corresponding to a Boxial layer.

However, these layers differ via the presence of randomly distributed noise outside of the Boxial Core, generated from particles splitting between random layers of The Box upon escape.

In order to escape The Box's self-containment, you need to have a Existence Rank that isn't non-existence or existence. The Boxial Core's fluids only interact with those 2 states, meaning that you won't get transported to another random layer of The Box, and instead completely outside.


The Box consists of objects, that only comes with a set of existent and basically nonexistent objects. (existence-0 and 1)

We haven't reached the entire Reality yet. This is just the final object and the class terminator of Class 1. Anything outside of the Box is considered metaphysical, which is the next level of physics with mind-breaking properties.

The Box axiom

Even though there is an infinite number of boxes, we can accept, as an axiom, that there still is a "set of all Boxes", just like there is a "set of all-natural numbers".

This means, whether it is physical, metaphysical, paraphysical, or nonphysical reality, a "thing" can technically still escape the Box due to this axiom.

Such an object is called a metaboxial structure. There are many of them, most of them have since been protected by smaller metaboxial structures. Although metaboxial structures exist outside the box, its concept is still kept in the box, as well as a physical form with altered size.

Currently, 3 categories of mBoxes are recognized:

  • Metaboxes (mBoxes for short): Things that are beyond The Box
  • Superboxes (sBoxes for short): Things that contain more than The Box
  • Ultraboxes (uBoxes for short): Things that contain more than The Box, are beyond The Box and more.


The Box is only one specific box and by far not the only one out there. Boxes are containers which contain all of something. Be it a specific property, a set of properties, or others, all boxes follow this criteria. The Box is a notable box due to the fact that it contains the Omniverse, and also for being a finality based structure.

  • Subfinality boxes - Boxes that are subfinality based. Most boxes fall under this category, and usually contain very specific properties, like the 1-subfinality non-Glyccalicity box that is the closest box located to The Box
  • Finality boxes - Many high-finality rank structures are boxes, yet these make up a tiny amount of the full amount of existing boxes. Most finality based structures are their own one-off things entirely

See Also

  • Omniverse - the verse consisting of every single existing thing

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