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The Boxi is an imaginary realm where everything inside of it, including numbers and shapes, are just i. This verse is imaginary due to the fact that it's so stupid, and also the fact that it's size is just the square root of negative 1, or i. This verse has currently been proven to be ruled by a cosmic entity known as The Root of Imagination. Each bead is an infinite collection of Unabsolute Relativities

Abstract Meaning

Despite this verse being the dumbest verse in existence, it actually has a very deep meaning to it. It represents all imagination, thoughts, and pretty much anything you can think of. This includes things that don't exist, do exist, won't exist, will exist, and things you CAN'T even think of. This is representative of the imagination of The Root of Imagination.


Now, you may be wondering how this verse contains the previous verse if the previous verse had a much larger size than this one. Well you see, with the power of imagination, this verse can be bigger than any other verse ever. In here, you can find an absolute m-Box for the V&D wiki, something that contains Pitch Black and Nothing, etc. Imagination can make anything possible, including making this verse always larger than the verses that used to be bigger than it.