Basic about

The Brick is literally a brick that is just way larger, but it has some interesting stuff, see that white stuff spreaded around the brick? those are places that are inhabited by beings. The Brick is too big for the things that live on the brick to explore the brick. There is a mysterious invisible spotlight (much like the flat earther spotlight sun) that works like the aforementioned flat earther spotlight sun, working like a spotlight that moves across the brick to light up different areas at different times. The brick is pretty bland with most of it being a desert. Things that live in this verse do not have to eat or drink and the air is made up of polonium and uranium so humans cannot inhabit this verse. The things that live inside this verse are called Brickheads, since their heads are bricks. This place contains most of Earth's land life, except their heads are bricks and their organs are bricks. The lungs of stuff that live here are adapted to survive in this air. The emptiness around this verse is actually just emptiness. Magma Centrals dot this weird place as well.

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