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The Brox is a green, protective shield, which surrounds a single Box. It contains not only integer existence ranks (you might see from the Box), but also contain fractional ranks that go between those ranks. Our Brox contains existence-0, existence-1, and other existence ranks that go between both.

The Box is indirectly protected by weak FES ranks, in which those ranks sprout mysterious Subexistion particles out that protect the Box from uncontrollable movements and expansions.


The Brox can be turned on and off and because The Brox is only used in dire situations, it is always turned off, until needed otherwise. The Brox is composed out of the objects from The Box and also an infinite amount of infinite-dimensional chaotic Perlin noise "structures" made with random objects, all of whom have differing existence ranks, ranging from 0 (non-existence) to 1 (existence), including the fractional ranks. These all get turned into 0 when The Brox is turned off.

Relations to the Box

By objects, The Brox holds infinitely more objects than the Box, but could fit in a size that's finitely bigger, due to being infinite dimensional. All objects have relative positions in the Brox, unless it is infinitely smaller than the Brox.

By size, most Broxes are 2 times bigger than the Box, and some can go up to trillions!


During the development of The Box, the forces from existence-4 and 5 icosahedrons (described from The Other Box) push fractional existence ranks out. Later, those ranks will become a shield for that Box. That's basically it.


The Broxes have a shield that push objects to random locations in The Box. The only way to circumnavigate this is to thank outside of the Box, or travel through Barrels.

Another way is to climb up through the Infinifold, by going at a direction which you will traverse exponentially further. (x per 1 m in that direction) However, traversing through transfinite positions is borderline impossible, due to being tetraradioactivity.

Weak Broxes

Weak Broxes only consists of strong FES ranks, down to eighths. The density is much lower than strong Broxes, making that escaping the Box a freebie. All Broxes start as weak Broxes, but they will dissolve quickly, except for really lucky Broxes, which later turned into strong Broxes.

Weak Broxes are much, much bigger than strong Broxes, having a size range of around 1 million - 1 trillion times bigger than the Box.

Strong Broxes

Strong Broxes have much, much larger set of FES ranks, that includes a gigantic number of unique, weak FES ranks. Unlike the weak ones, they are empowered by Subexistion particles. Some could push you to a random location in The Box, when trying to escape. That doesn't mean that you can escape the box by going speeds faster than Failed to parse (MathML with SVG or PNG fallback (recommended for modern browsers and accessibility tools): Invalid response ("Math extension cannot connect to Restbase.") from server "":): {\displaystyle \omega^{\omega}} mph.

Most Strong Broxes are 2x bigger than The Box, but some are either 5x, 10x, or even 100x bigger!

Degenerate Broxes

At a really far future, Broxes will become degenerate, as strong fractional ranks suddenly change into weak ones, all thanks to Subexistions because they might have mysterious properties.