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The Charm is a very massive and dense object, much larger than the Boxboxplex.

The Charm has a strange grey colour. It looks like a charm from the outside which gave it its name.

It is the last object in the chain, since the next object is an infinite number of times larger than this, with the rest of the chain members being finite differences.


The charm is very dense, which gives it extremely intense gravity on the outside. This causes the outside to often have a rough coat of random objects around it, since they float in The Bowl. However, there are many other Charms in The Bowl, and when two come in close contact, all the objects fly straight off.

Every Charm has a different type of gravity, so it is impossible for two Charms to touch each other since they all have different types of polar-opposite gravity. They would repel each other.

The ring at the top is actually fixed to the Charm itself, even though it doesn't touch the rest of the Charm. This is because the gravity in the hook at the top is so unimaginably high that it pulls the ring in every dimension, and they all counter each other, giving the ring the ability to stay fixed in place.

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