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The Cherry is a large, frigid structure located within The Ice Cream, which has a very low temperature and is known for being even more impenetrable then The Ice Cream before it, with a toughness so great that The Ice Cream looks like, well, ice cream in comparison. The stem of The Cherry is another issue, as it is not nearly as cold as the cherry nor as tough. The stem sticks out of The Ice Cream, providing boosts to its effects and giving "live nightmares" dubbed 'Daymares' by those who experience them. Although daymares are not nearly as damaging to thought and intelligence as The Ice Cream, these are highly traumatic and often lead to cardiac arrest before they're halfway through. They also take exactly 30 minutes in time of the viewer, but only 0.3 seconds to observers.

The Cherry is also covered with explosive molecules and organism-selective black holes, as in they only absorb carbon, water, and any equivalent to DNA molecules. in their radius. The Cherry has this on the outside AND inside walls of its structure, especially inside actually. The Pit is unaffected by these, however its residents are. No cosmic entity is able to escape The Cherry's black holes and miniature mines, as they are all sealed with a power far beyond comprehensions of even the guardian of the 12th everything layer themselves.

A red circle, which is a cherry, with a long, slightly curved stem coming from its top. It is within an ice cream cone in an x-ray fashion, and the ice cream is cyan colored with the stem coming out the top slightly.

An image of The Cherry within The Ice Cream