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The Clockwork is a giant object where multiple systems of reality react with each other. Each system is within a gear of the Clockwork. Due to the fact that size varies between the different realities, the Clockwork's size has to be described in ULTRAMETERS. It is so large that each of its infinite gears holds multiple Existencies on it, and they're too small to make the cog affected at any level. And they're are infinite cogs within The Clockwork

The Clockwork has gravity, so the gears within it roll around based on the distribution of weight. This allows the Clockwork to work properly.

The Clockwork has an indescribable amount of states. Here are a few notable states:


The Clockwork turns blue whenever at least 10 wheels go at least 1 degree per Planck time. This is a very rare event. If the Clockwork turns blue, then whole verses will get destroyed from the blue light, leaving only 99.999999999999% of the verses in the Clockwork.


The Clockwork turns red whenever at least 2 wheels go at least 10 degrees per Planck time. This is even rarer than the Clockwork turning blue. The red light doesn't destroy verses, but rather, carries verses millions of miles away.


The Clockwork turns green almost always whenever the conditions for being blue and red are satisfied. This is when it will create verses. To make up for the rarity of this event, it creates verses that are 1% of its current self per Planck time, leading to intense growth.


If somehow, the Blue and Red states are satisfied, but the Clockwork isn't green, then instead, it becomes a quantum mess. Particles change into other particles randomly in 0.1% of verses, and in 1% of verses, particles will become quantum entangled.