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The three main Hchezic void lords resting in the Corridor of Alebo-Ashewan (Jgep - left, Rathjau - middle, Konrtibn - right)

The Clock is a finality-based hyperstructure built by the Hchezics. The date of conception is unknown, thought to have been anywhere from 580,000 to 20,000,000 OYC ago.

This would make it not only an ancient structure, but also the largest of its time.

The Clock itself is theorized to serve as a container of immense size, as well as a perfect time keeping device.

All inferior verses are kept inside of its heart, the total center, surrounded by a yellow - brown metallic substance, the make-up of which is still unknown. The heart itself, and the visible clock as well, makes up only a tiny portion of the whole structure, which consists of chaotic metallic pipes shooting in seemingly random directions, splitting off into random amounts and never ending, continuously becoming thinner and more numerous.

As one ventures out far enough, the web of pillars becomes too convoluted to navigate through, eventually filling out the 0th and negative dimensions entirely. This is where the brutalist architecture comes to an abrupt end. Any attempts of getting out are stopped by a thin wall.

Venturing past this wall can be achieved through Interdimensional Teleportation or by puncturing the wall, the latter is slightly more difficult though.

The true purpose of The Clock is still up to debate. The official files created by the Hchezics have been annihilated along with the entire civilization. The most accepted theory today, is that it serves as a shrine of testament to the 56 Hchezic void lords (Jgep, Rathjau and Konrtibn are the most known to historians). This hyperstructure, however, was the final task by the followers. An eternity of Alebo-Ashewan worship and to one day lay upon it, served as a mind and soul numbing promise that kept everybody in check.

Where to, and how the Hchezics disappeared, is completely unknown.