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The Coin is a complex full of nearly everything in this wiki. When time moves forward, the sides of the coin rotate to adjust the time that is within it. That is why nothing outside of The Coin has regulated time. The Coin is made out of solid TREEYUM. Sometimes The Coin gets broken, which affects time a little bit, but it eventually adjusts again. Time itself is controlled by The Coin. That is why The Coin is important. Some creatures teorize how much would be the value of a Coin.

Types of coins

Linear Coin

This kind of coin just simply always rotates either clockwise or counterclockwise, making a linear time. This kind of coin will never rotate the other way and will always move at constant speed no matter what happens inside it.

Bilinear Coin

This kind of coin has two time dimensions, and the wheel is split into two parts. One of the parts goes clockwise and the other goes counterclockwise. This causes time to go two different ways.

n-Linear Coin

Depending on how many time dimensions a coin has, it will be split into different parts to make up for the different time dimensions.

Nonlinear Coin

The last type of coin is not linear and the wheel either doesn't move or moves randomly in either direction. This means time could go forward or backwards.

Other Info

You can control the flow of time within a coin if you can rotate it in the direction you please. If you rotate it, it keeps the same speed as the other coins, so the speed of time is not changed when rotating, it is the same for every coin no matter which direction.

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