The Collection

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The Collection is the name given to our local cluster of Cosmics.


Many of the 10092^10 or so Cosmics are clumped together quite densely at the center of The Collection. The Cosmics at the center of The Collection are usually hotter and more barren. The Cosmics more in the outer areas are usually colder and more populated.

It is still unknown how all of The Cosmics orbit around the center, since there is no center of gravity. Maybe things are just getting too big to have forces like gravity work anymore.

The vast voids between The Cosmics are completely devoid of ay life, and are extremely cold and dark. No creature can survive properly in The Collection's huge voids. There have been many expeditions to try to find remote and uncontacted Cosmics inside the voids, but almost all of them failed, due to the ridiculous size of the voids and the temperatures.

Special Cosmics and phenomenon

There have been a few weird and strange Cosmics in The Collection. Almost all of them are at the center. One of them was surprisingly cold (compared to the other Cosmics), at 29338 degrees Celsius. Another Cosmic seemed to have huge "holes" in it. These holes haven't been explored yet.

There also have been instances of huge unidentified objects that randomly pop up in The Collection's huge voids. All of them resembled huge alien craft. That has led many creatures to believe that The Collection is really just another verse in an infinitely bigger verse. That is probably true.

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