The Core of Everything


The core of everything is a core that contains absolutely ALL INFORMATION. It is only one of its kind, with a countably infinite number of other Cores connected to the container of absolutely everything Finality-3, and infinite Cores attached to the next Container of absolutely everything Finality-4. These various cores each contain stuff like 0-information (false; existence-0), 1-information (true; existence-1), 0.5-information (transtrue; existence-0.5), etc. Information has to be true, therefore, false statements are not information.

Each level of TCoE contains info about objects with a higher Finality Index, in which if you repeat the TCoE levels indefinitely you will end up with a TCoE which contains info about Finality- objects. The chain can keep continuing from there (, , ... , , etc.).

It contains the information about every property of every object at every time the property of anything changes at every timeline.

The True Core of Everything contains all information about everything ever inside Alphasm's mind, regardless of Finality Index.

There is a special object located within The Core of Everything complex that can copy information about a verse at a certain point in time. This object is known as The Infocopier.

Information Gems

Information Gems store the actual information and are 5-dimensional. If you were cold-hearted enough to destroy an Information Gem, it could corrupt some parts of the imaginary world of Alphasm's mind. These are kept well though, as TCoE is very secure. An infinite amount of Information Gems exist, too.

It uses the 1st dimension to store a property of an object, it uses the 2nd dimension to store EVERY property of an object, it uses the 3rd dimension to store every property of EVERY object, it uses the 4th dimension to store every property of every object at EVERY time any property of any object changes, and it uses the 5th dimension to store that information about EVERY timeline.

This thing also DOES stuff too. If an entity wants to access it's knowledge, a request is sent to the core of everything and the request also has the information on WHAT knowledge the entity wants to access. The core of everything then processes the request in the 6th dimension, where it processes requests. Once it's done processing, which it does in an instant, it'll change the property of something or return information to an entity. If in the process of processing the request, it realizes the information is not accessible to the entity, it will destroy the request. It does this by also storing information about the request limitations of an object and knowing what entity sent a request, and when processing a request, it'll look for information in the request that leads up to going against the stored limitation information of the sender.

There is also another thing that has to do with the core of everything. It's called a Limitless Data Interactor, or LDI for short. These things have no information interaction limits stored within the core of everything, except affecting other LDIs, and only the Absolute Creator can change that. Whatever information gets fed into the LDI gets encoded into a request to the core of everything. LDIs have to be contacted to be created by Gerald, as every object except him and The Absolute Creator is locked from changing the information about the properties of an LDI, and TAC is quite lazy. It seems that the creator of The Machine and Omnius-Realitus had access to telepathy, as a no telepathy limit was not stored in the limit information of the creator of the Machine and Omnius-Realitus' members, so they contacted the Absolute Creator to change the position property of an LDI to the position of them, and change the same LDI's existence state to existing, so Omnius-Realitus and the creator of the Machine could use the fabled LDIs to make their machines.

For more information, click here. This legendary thing is ruled over by the Absolute Creator, mentioned in the paragraph above. He made absolute everything, he made himself, he made the container of absolute everything, he made the endless void that contains the container of absolute everything, he made the core of everything, he made basically beyond everything. He also made Gerald. He made Gerald to monitor everything, as all TAC wants to do is relax for all eternity. His power level is beyond power. So beyond, that we had to make a new power term for cosmic entities, Ultimate. Without describing his power level as Ultimate, we can't even use values even beyond transfinite to express how all-powerful he is. In fact, even a power level of Ultimate is an understatement for describing how powerful he is. He was just simply before. In fact, saying he was simply before is an understatement. To explain how long he's been with us, we have to write "before" an infinite amount of times. Any description of how extreme his properties (age, knowledge, power, etc.) is an understatement. If you try to make anything beyond his power, that thing will have to have less limit information stored in the core of everything, and the Absolute Creator has no limit information. It's 7th dimension wasn't revealed before. The 7th dimension stores code for the core of everything. This dimension also has code that makes built-in limits for all entities except the Absolute Creator that the entity can't affect the Absolute Creator or change any code in the 7th dimension. This code is executed with a machine that takes the code and encodes it into information that a specialized LDI can read. This specialized LDI executes code for prevention of any changes of it's properties unless it's done by the Absolute Creator or Gerald. This machine is called the Code Execution Machine.

  • This core is literally perfect at processing, being able to process an absolutely infinite amount of requests without ONE mistake within an instant.
  • As said above that it can perfectly process an absolutely infinite amount of requests in an instant, it seems to never slow down, no matter how many requests there are or how much information is stored. These two facts make it an ultimate multi-tasking machine.
  • It seems to only store needed things. Anything that's not the core's code, information, or requests will be locked out automatically with no exceptions as defined by its code.
  • It cannot be destroyed, as its code defines that all objects have limits in which it cannot destroy the core of everything. If such an event were to happen somehow, the entire container of absolute everything and every other key part of the everything becomes beyond nonexistence.
  • It doesn't need energy to do its thing, as defined by its code.
  • The Core of Everything however, cannot process concepts or objects that are outside of the wiki; only Transcendent Omni-Gods can.
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