The Cosmic

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The Cosmic is a huge verse that is full of life of all sorts.

The Territories

The Cosmic is made up of territories, many spanning centillions of Es. Each territory is controlled by one Omegahuman (most of the time), and the Omegahuman controls all the life in its respective territory. Usually, the center of a territory has an energy harvester to power all the ships and machines in the territories. The territory boundaries are not always clear, and are usually just marked by small rogue planets. That has led to a few wars between many Omegahumans, and countless lives were lost. Now, the wars have mostly stopped, and many territories are now collaborating and trading with each other.

Most of the matter inside The Cosmic is in one of these territories. The only things that are not are occasional rogue planets, special transport ships, and a few black holes.

The center of The Cosmic is the only place to not have a territory at. This core gives off an extremely bright light, and must be looked at only with special light-filtering goggles. The core also gives off a huge amount of radiation that can even harm an Omegahuman, so no territories are close to the core either.

Rogue Planets

There are occasional rogue planets that float around between the different territories. Most of the planets are small planets that got ejected by Omegahumans when the planets started being a safety threat. Also, all of these planets have life. Most are microscopic, and are not advanced.

Some of the planets are gas planets, and these planets have absolutely no life. It is relatively unknown why these planets exist, since no records show that gas planets were ejected from the Omegahumans' territories, or ever existed here at all.

Black holes

There are also a few Hypersized supermassive black holes dotted here and there between the territories. Most of these black holes are controlled by the Omegahumans, and do not harm the territories or the life inside them. The controlled black holes are used as extremely powerful bombs that can be deployed in an emergency. However, the rare uncontrolled ones are frequently damaging many territories. Those types are usually thrown inside the core at the center of The Cosmic to be vaporized and destroyed.


Most of the life here is quite advanced, the most advanced being inside the most prosperous territories. The life on the rogue planets are microscopic and basic.

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