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The Cosmic Eye is a Verse that is anomalous and unstable to possibly the same extent as even the Glitch Core. It constantly bends itself between dimensions, growing and changing structure at random, however, one thing always stays the same. Within the white-noise error space that makes up 90% of this Verse, there is The Dust Speck. Around it is an asteroid field surrounded by black, out-of-place void. This makes the shape of an eye, giving this Verse it’s name. How does The Dust Speck not glitch out? This is mostly unknown, though a common theory is that the asteroids around it protect it, as they are also, curiously, immune to the glitches.

The Verse, despite constantly changing, has in fact shown a few distinct types of things that do stay somewhat constant through the glitches though changing size, shape, and position.

The Cosmic Eye often goes through a cycle, glitching up a few times before randomly tearing itself open and restarting by once more building itself out from the immune Dust Speck.

Types of Planets

The planets in the Cosmic Eye mostly orbit the eye structure in its centre, however as the Verse changes they can be thrown off course. There are a few distinct types of planets noticed here.

Magma Planets

These are scorching hot wastelands with no life and many volcanoes, mostly very close to the eye structure. As the glitches and anomalies happen, they can begin to bend around the most freely of all the planets, often exiting their original spherical shape, tearing themselves open and gushing out magma into space in the process.

Overgrowth Planets

For whatever reason, the glitches here do not exactly effect the shape of these planets, but do often make them grow larger from their original, usually small size. They completely dwarf all other planets at the end of a cycle. This size increase also effects their plants, which they have many of. These plants sometimes grow off the planet, stretching out into space, onto other planets, or inside the eye.

Frozen Planets

The glitches effect these planets’ temperature. They start off as magma planets, but eventually as the anomalies occur a thick sheet of ice will cover the surface and all the volcanoes.

Energy Planets

These planets are gigantic balls of volatile energy that are constantly being scattered in various places throughout the Verse when it glitches. They can, if they get to close, shock another planet and vaporize it into ash.

White Planets

These planets appear as blank, white spheres for the most part, though will occasionally, sporadically glitch into appearing as a twisted, out-of-shape, unrendered-looking “planet”. This is because they are constantly switching between dimensions as the Verse glitches.

Yin-Yang Planets and Other

Rarely, planets in this Verse will glitch in such a way that half of them will be one type of planet and the other half will be another type, with patches of one type in the half with the other. There can also be other arrangements, like one-third one type and two-thirds another, etc.

Other Structures

The Eye

The Eye of the Cosmic Eye is comprised of total void that looks extremely out-of-place amidst the planets, stars, and space in this Verse, surrounding The Dust Speck, which makes up the “Eye”’s “pupil”. Those who got too close to it have reported a sensation of being watched and terrible nightmares for days after. It is surrounded by more patches of void and a rotating, black asteroid belt.


The stars here are very similar to those of a regular Verse, but they are vulnerable to all of this one’s glitches, meaning they are bending around, changing size and temperature, and constantly moving around. This means that 99% of planets do not orbit a star; if they do, when the star moves the planet will, and eventually the two will collide. Instead, they simply float randomly and glitch, or orbit the Eye.


The space that surrounds the planets, voids, asteroids, and stars in this verse uniquely has it’s texture and molecular composition glitch when the Verse does, giving it a white-noise/static-like appearance. It is incredibly hard to traverse due to the glitches constantly effecting it in this way.