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Gone by many names (such as Lord, Him, The One Above All, etc.), the Creator is an immortal omnipotent being who is all-powerful in just about every religion, mythology, and source of fiction. Some describe the Creator as a man while others a being of light. There is one thing everyone can agree on- it is next to impossible to prove if He has limits or if He does that He limits himself or not.

Some speculate that there are both positive and negative (good and evil) forces out there in order to make people appreciate the great things in life all the better. If the Creator had thrown the balance off then life would have nonmeaning., For example, one could live life not knowing true happiness due to never knowing sorrow, anger, or apathy.

The Creator has said to have offspring, siblings, His divine creations as helpers, and even parents somehow (typically a "Titan" or two), but in any case, most would agree that the Creator has a sinister counterpart who punishes the wicked while still being rebellious to the Creator for.not accepting their ideas know how life truly should be. This being is typically dubbed the "Devil". Contrary to Popular Belief, as explained previously the Devil isn't evil per se, but rather has a different outlook than the Creator when it comes to life and humanity.

To conclude however no matter what version God is, He is said not to be outclassed by anyone.

(Author's Note: It should be pointed out that if you are religious that you must always admit that when speaking about God that you are "not entitled to speak on his behalf" or something similar unless you are a priest or other representative.)