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The Cube System is a complex of various cubes of many dimensions, having all types of cubes in infinite quantities. Cosmic Eyes reside on the lower-dimensional cubes as well, having infinite amounts of them per side in some cases. Other cubes tend to hold random elements or environments on their faces, such as plains, deserts, forests, and more. Because the center of the Tesseract System is believed to contain vast deposits of undiscovered compounds, Real People and Daves have tried to escape the Cube System, but so far, all attempts have failed.

Escape Attempts

Attempt 1

This attempt was performed by a Dave after discovering the vast mineral deposits. The Dave lached on to a Cosmic Eye and started propelling himself with a The Omni Computer Room but hit a dimensional biome smaller than that Dave, so he suffocated to death.

Attempts 2-91

After they escaped Name Not Found, several Real People had tried to escape the Cube System in a shuttle, but they died halfway through from radiation sickness.

Attempt 92

This was the most recent attempt, also by a Real Person, this time riding on a modified clone of Scalene. They too died of radiation sickness 75% through, and the Scalene clone has since been delivered to The Hyperstarian National Museum of Negative-Size Verses and Entities]].