The Cyclones

One of the cyclones, ciclony

The cyclones were the second beings to ever exist in the space of The Uber Realm. They were created by Uber. There are 5 cyclones each with specific powers that make up the Uber Realm.

The weakest cyclone is the metal cyclone. This cyclone is why solid and hardness exists within The Uber Realm.

The next cyclone is the divine cyclone. This is why light, liquid, and gas and any type of energy exist in The Uber Realm.

The relic cyclone controls every type of life except the cyclones and Uber. He also controls every soul.

The second strongest cyclone is the black cyclone. its evil and dark, but useful.

The strongest cyclone and king of the 5 is the cosmic cylone. it controls power, space, everything and nothing within the Uber Realm.

When a cyclone loses half its life, it turns into a super version of themselves with infinitely times more power.

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