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This is a dark void with an endless giant stair for exiting and entering the Basement, this is where the wiki's darkest and most terrible creatures gets locked away and kept away from the outer word, A vast emptiness, so dark and so cold. When chaotic creatures that threaten the world gets vanquished, they shall be sent to this realm. No light, no messages, no anything but the other ones that get trapped here. There's a special entity that manages this realm and dwells within its deepest places.

The entity

He who dwells within the darkness should be feared, as he can erase you, wipe all traces of you away easily, removing you from this world and be forgotten. No one in the basement dares to confront him. Fortunately, he is bound to The Basement forever, never to escape. When your time is up, he shall come and vaporize you. Maybe there is hope, maybe not. Nothing really matters when you are sent to The Dark Basement. No one has yet to know his appearance or power, you may keep trying to run but he will always someday reach you. And when he erases your existence, no one will know you even exist.


Yet within the darkest zones, life still finds a way. When you eventually reach the bottom of The Dark Basement, you will find plants and Denieds living there, trying to live inside a dark, cold, wasteland feeding on the dust on the ground. Until they are discovered by him, the entity, they shall live on the edges and grow quietly.