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The Depths are a verse (sort of). It was named so because it was the only name the creator, Chalkosis, could think of. It could be described as a type of "limbo".


The way to enter The Depths is always the same. A series of events that are as follows happen:

  1. The victim will walk on a terrestrial planet with life on it.
  2. They will go behind a house.
  3. They will go to the middle of the yard, and stand there for five minutes.
  4. They will leave, and just as they do, get sucked in The Depths.

This will happen regardless of whether it makes sense for this being. The being is also completely unaware of what is happening. It is believed that a high-tier Omni-God controls this realm, for even Omni-Gods can be trapped.


The Depths don't contain much, and what it does contain is endlessly looped so that as little matter can fit in as big a space as possible. Everything trapped in is stuck in an endless cycle of doing the same things, and are in able to be injured in any way, but can still feel pain. Eventually most beings completely lose consciousness of their actions, and don't realize anything they're doing. There isn't anything valuable to be gained here, so there is no reason to want to reach here.