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The Destroyer is the reason of a verse collapse, it can instantly crush The Box and other Boxes with it's own existence. It is a being without existence, and all existence is at it's command of collapse and destruction. The Destroyer is able to tear The Structure Of Everything in to nothing with no effort. And breaks The Barrier of Quantulum Quintox. The Creator and Him is the only reason The Destroyer does not cause eternal carnage and cause the collapse of all, even The Infinite Madness and others, excluding Him, The Creator, and The Destroyer itself. Only The Creator is powerful enough to even scratch the non-being of ultra-violent power and invincibility. The Destroyer can't die and can defeat all but Him and The Creator, The Destroyer almost matches the power of either being, but is slightly weaker than the two. The Infinite Madness is no match for The Destroyer as it would be killed without even hurting The Destroyer. The Beings Of Chaos, Box Opener, Kraa, Kriplin, Kreplin, The Manipulator, Googolploxio, HIMSELF, Kevin, The Archangel,Guardians,Omegon, The Logic, and Technolords combined would be no match for The Destroyer.

Quantum Criminals are able to hold of The Destroyer for a few transfinite years, but then would finally get clobbered by The Destroyer. The Destroyer hates all, except for Delimangur and The Voidance. The Destroyer is more powerful than Delimangur. The Destroyer hates, but respects it's master, which is the unknown ruler of all, even Him. The Destroyer's main goal is to destroy The Void and every last Omniverse. The Destroyer is so powerful that it will take The Creator and Him combined to fully defeat The Destroyer, otherwise it will be slightly hurt against The Creator or Him on a one on one as the other being (Him or The Creator) will be bruised and slightly hurt.

The Destroyer is infinite to the infinite power times infinite to the infinite power infinite times light years big.

If we, in some way destroy it, it wont matter. It regenerates in seconds.