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It's simple. It's a door with a door handle. Except it is quite big. This is the only way out of The Room. This door is made mainly out of wood. The handle part is made out of some metal alloy. No creatures live on or in The Door with a door handle.

This door, when opened, leads you into the rest of The Building. Nothing's really interesting about this door.

There are 3 "interesting facts".

  1. The door handle is starting to rust. Also, it seems that the Door was locked before, but then it got unlocked.
  2. This is the only thing inside The Room that doesn't contain any Primordium Delta. However, the handle of the Door is very hard to reach since The Door is so tall and wide and that the handle is very high up. That makes opening the Door quite hard.
  3. The Door seems to have never been opened before. No creature on The Table has seen the Door open. When the Door is actually open, you can see that there is a hallway that stretches very long.