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The Dust Speck is a actually not a speck. It is a huge swirling mass of space dust surrounding Name Not Found,

and contains many planets, black holes, and spikes for some reason. The Dust Speck also has extremely strong winds that can average more than miles per hour.


The Dust Speck is composed mainly out of small particles, space dust, and occasional glitched out materials from The Cosmic Eye.


The Planets in The Dust Speck are mainly terrestrial, although they can also be gaseous. Most of the planets do not orbit a star, and instead get pushed around by all the space dust and strong winds. The planets also have a chance to collapse into themselves, forming a black hole.

Since the planets get pushed around so fast and often, they have high chances of colliding with another planet or object. When this happens, it usually ejects quadrillions of tons of matter, and adds to the big collection of space dust inside The Dust Speck. That is also the reason why The Dust Speck is constantly increasing in size.


The Core is the sphere responsible for keeping The Dust Speck in order. It has a very strong gravitational pull, as to avoid all the dust flying off into The Cosmic Eye. The Core, if needed, can also change size.

The Core is 10^100 LY wide at default, but can grow as big as needed.

Black Holes

Black Holes can occasionally form from a planet collapsing into themselves. When a black hole forms, it usually sucks decillions of tons of matter and grow ridiculously big. If a black hole becomes too big, it will get pulled to the Core of The Dust Speck to get destroyed.

The reason for that was because the black holes could possibly swallow huge parts of The Dust Speck, shrinking it and bringing it to the size of Name Not Found, possibly causing catastrophic events to occur.


The life in The Dust Speck are not advanced, due to the chaotic nature of The Dust Speck. They are mainly just microorganisms, and cannot communicate with outside life.