The Endless Box

The Endless Box?

The Endless Box is a thought experiment, a strike of rebellion, an attempt to overthrow the Cosmic hierarchy.

This is the thought experiment, the attempt to define something out of The Box:

1: Everything exists.

2: Endless is a concept and an attribute.

3: To be Endless is to have no end.

4: Instantiating existence implies the existence of an end towards that existence.

5: Nothing which existence is instantiated can be endless.

6: Not everything is instantiated to exist, but by necessity.

7: The Box is not instantiated and exists by necessity.

8: The Box can be endless.

9: The Box is not endless.

10: A Endless Box is greater than The Box.

11: The Endless Box exists by necessity due to (1).

12: The Endless Box contains The Box. It has no end.

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