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The Existence is it.

The Existence is the local area for everything that could ever possibly or impossibly happen with any laws at all. The Existence exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time, while simultaneously containing everything that we know, don't know, can know, can't know, will know, have known, always know, never know.

The Structure of The Existence

The Existence consists of an indefinitely infinite amount of beams that signify the different laws that could possibly and impossibly happen with time and without time, with logic, without logic, with in-between logic and every type of logic, time, space, dimensionality that exists, could not exist, could exist and does not exist.

The outside of The Existence does exist and also doesn't exist, however, you will never find the end to The Existence since it simply is infinite, but there definitely is an end to The Existence, but in some places, there isn't.


The Existence has a grey look to it, which has some black parts. The image shown is simply an impression of The Existence, but the true look is unknown due to the many possible outcomes as well as the infinite dimensionality.

Many smaller objects exist in this Existence, but they are invisible at the scale shown due to how much exponentially larger The Existence is compared to them, and also the dimensionality. The Existence also has a section where these don't exist.


Basically, The Existence is out local infinite area where any box, any reality, any nonreality and any possible law for anything, time, dimensionality, any box, any possible and impossible and semi-possible object, action, idea or any possible THING in general exists here.

The Existence is Existence. Any possible or impossible reason to put something with possible or impossible laws would be non-existent. Things that are larger than The Existence are contained by The Existence. The Existence is possible. And impossible.

Even though there are other Existences that exist and don't exist, anything you can or can't imagine will be here, despite other Existences containing multiple things that can not be imagined by anything here, or that other Existence being a different type of reality + nonreality from ours.

The Existence is it.

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