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The Factor is a massive complex dedicated to creating and destroying verses. It is located at the center of the Omniverse, and has acted as a verse-creator and destroyer for all the verses inside of the Omniverse.

Origin and History

The Factor has a mostly unknown history, but what is for certain is that The Factor was artificially built by unknown creatures.

Date Events
??? The Factor was created by unknown creatures, and abandoned soon after.
-6827 OYC The Factor is discovered by an advanced civilization of that time.
-781 OYC The Factor produces its first verse, a basic Universe.
-473 OYC For the first time, The Factor is divided into sections, and it remotely resembles The Factor we know today.
-78 OYC The Factor is now producing more and more verses, and produces its first Archverses.
672 OYC The Factor is now producing verses of all kinds, and a section for destroying verses is added.
918 OYC The Factor gains Omniversal importance.
Present The Factor is still running, and googols of verses are being created daily.


The Factor is one of the most, if not the most orderly verse in the entire Omniverse. It is divided into many sections, each for a certain purpose.

The Creating Section

This section is for creating verses, and takes up approximately 55% of The Factor's space. This area is very busy, and is divided into 4 subsections.

The Archverse Section

This section is the Archverse Section. It takes up about 57% of the space in the Creating Section, and is the biggest and busiest section, as there are well over 26 different types of Archverses, and all of the are nested in one another.

However, this section is one of the least valued sections, due to almost all the Archverses being very empty, dull, and boring with almost nothing to separate them from each other.

The Special Verses Section

This section is the least busiest, but is the most valued. Many extremely useful verses have been created here, such as the Diamondverse, Energyverse, and Matterverse. Not a lot of verses are created here, since special verses take a long time to create, and use up lots of energy.

The Regular Verses Section

This section is responsible for creating all the "normal verses", such as a Universe, Multiverse, Metaverse, Hyperverse, and so on. Basically, this section creates all verses that are not Archverses, special verses, or Verseverses.

The Verseverse Section

This is the least valued section, and has only been used to create massive void-like structures called "Verseverses". These Verseverses are really just huge empty voids, and are even more empty than the Archverses.

This subsection is starting to be demolished and converted into another Regular Verses Section due to this section's complete and utter uselessness.

The Destroying Section

This section is the second section of The Factor. The Destroying Section is slightly smaller than its counterpart, The Creating Section, taking up about 45% of the space inside The Factor.

This area is also less busy than the Creating Section, since many verses don't need to be destroyed.

The Verses Section

This subsection of The Destroying Section is for destroying verses. Most of the verses that get recycled here are Archverse copies and Verseverses, as both types are extremely useless. This section is also the busiest subsection of The Destroying Section.

The Anomaly Section

This section is less busy than the Verses Section, but it is still quite busy. Each day, many strange anomalies such as stray verses, Sproyongs, rogue black holes, and glitchy verses are destroyed here. Working at this section is quite dangerous, since many anomalies have the power to kill unsuspecting workers.