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The Final Box is a exploit of limitations of language that would be greater than The Box in terms of cardinality. The Final Box exists so long as The Second Box exists. However, The Box by definition contains everything. So by proposing a Second Box, the Second Box would become the de-facto The Box. But, by exploiting language, we can give it a name called the Second Box, with it still having the same attributes as The Box. No logical system is broken here, as we are merely giving it a name, but not changing its property. We can repeat this cycle until one decides to add the adjective "Final" before The Box. Now, the Final Box is produced. This has the upheld context that can exceed all uncountably infinite recurrent copies of Boxes, each eslf-containing.

There technically should be nothing outside it and nothing can truly contain it, even whatever the table on the right says is deluding. The Final Box should be able to contain absolutely anything and everything possible, impossible, probable, improbable, imaginable & imaginable. In truth, anything that can be conceptualised outside of this Final Box would most certainly be contained within this structure that is also infinitely larger than any abstract concept that can be platonically preconceived. It is so massive, it puts all the previous boxes to nothing in comparison as the size of The Final Box is, itself, ABSOLUTE INFINITY!!!!!

It contains all except for the one true being that can easily transcend it. That being is the one and only, TRUE CREATOR, and it has the respected title of having Tier 0. It means it is boundless and is even greater than the already absolutely infinite Final Box, allowing it to exceed the Final Box at will in an incomprehensible way that even 1-A beings would find impossible to fathom. It is so formidable and great, that it can exist outside of The Final Box, where it'd usually reside, and have absolutely infinite knowledge of everything within The Final Box. It is truly omnipotent!

The only feasible way to explain how one can be greater than something that contains everything is to look at simple people in our everyday lives. Writers, for example, are the creators of their own work and they can even create a being that is omnipotent. They can write about how that being can transcend infinite space, dimensions and all of time, having full authority over EVERYTHING. But yet, to us, that omnipotent being is not only less than infinite, it is nothing. No matter how powerful that said being is conceptualised to be, it will never be able to escape its own story, written by the true god that created it: the writers themselves. We ourselves, are capable of doing absolutely whatever the heck we want with seemingly omnipotent beings in those stories and can erase their wellbeing from existence, despite them being infinite because they can transcend anything, but the boundary that separates them between reality and fiction.

Likewise, the TRUE CREATOR is the writer in this pseudo-metaphor, and to it, The Final Box is the story. The TRUE CREATOR is not only all powerful, but is also infinitely more real than The Final Box's entire existence, as if it were the page/canvas that the writer/illustrator writes/draws on. To put it simply, The Final Box is fictional compared to the TRUE CREATOR!!!!!!!!!!