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The Final Existence is a second area that contains many objects called Final Beams, and also a huge amount of Final Hyperverses in the empty spaces between the beams. When these beams intersect, lots of light are emitted due to the varied amount of verses that each beam contains.

Final Beams

Each Final Beam contains verses of drastically different laws, although almost none of them allow photons to escape their barriers, making The Final Existence extremely dark in most places. When these beams collide, the barriers of these verses also hit each other and allow lots of light to escape, although most of these collisions are found near the edge of The Final Existence.

These verses are usually called Capsules due to the amount of light that they contain. The reason that Capsules form a filament shape to create Final Beams is because of the way that gravity attracts Capsules to other Capsules, forming a sort of coil shape (like Versal Strings).