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The Final Final is made up of geometrical connections of The Final Chaoses, which are usually lower dimensional. These connections form The Final Final, making it a spongelike structure with many varying, complex, organic formations. These also come with convenient, unnessescary parts such as long, thin strips of The Final Chaoses where there is mostly just a vast empty space and perfectly sized holes from imperfect tiling just large enough for a spaceship to fit through. The formal definition for a The Final Final is a connected collection of The Final Chaoses greater than 963.6578111+5609.16666666i, though most The Final Finals are much larger than this, due to this number being an upper bound on the amount of The Final Chaoses that can be joined together without having stability.


There are many metastructures of The Final Chaoses in The Final Final, not all of which have been documented, so you may see more when we discover new ones.

Destruction Cores

A destruction core.

Destruction Cores are collections of The Final Chaoses in a shape that allows them to have have all of their bottom sides sealed off from the rest of The Final Final. After a while, another The Final Chaos that doesn't abide by the same rules of logic and geometry as the rest will get inside of the shape, and it's always completely dead. Every single The Final Superposition in it will be dead, and is not known why exactly this happens, but it probably results from a complex interaction of the glass orbs of The Final Chaoses with each other's orbs. After this happens a few more times, the inside of the container is completely saturated with dead The Final Superpositons. When oversaturation occurs, every orb that will ever break inside is instantly always breaking and being sent up to a The Final Superposition, but they can be going fast enough inside that they escape the The Final Superposition that they are places in and rocket off at unfathomably quick speeds, which also happens over 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times per aperiosecond when only counting orbs over the size of a The Final Limbo. This appears as radiation and massively heightens the risk of emptying and death of all The Final Superpositions within about 60,700 The Final Chaos' lengths away.


Model of a dissipator

Dissipators are much like the opposite of Destruction Cores, As their bottom sides are faced outwards in all directions. Aside from making outside travel exceedingly difficult for anything residing within, Dissipators' glass orbs can move very far away from their starting position and sometimes end up in a state of being both broken and unbroken by entering the inside of the dissipator and breaking, but moving into a ΞξΞ into a time before their break happens. The majority of orbs in dissipators are like this, and are sporadically pulled inward and accellerate much faster than normal glass orbs. These orbs create temporary convection currents with the center being the dissipator, and these create the majority of moving The Final Chaoses in the Final Final, and can be harnessed for unlimited power.


Uuvi-nerses have the special property of blanking any data inscribed about them

Ancient Objects

The Final Final is ancient, so it has many historical artifacts and giraffes.

Cold Zones

Cold zones are sharply divided zones of The Final Final that, long ago, recieved an immense concentration of energy, exciting them and making them spread out their immense power to elsewhere, but due to an easy to glanced over aspect of freezing from high temperatures, it became beyond impossibly cold. This glanced over aspect was thermal inertia, which works with five wooden planks. the first plank is absolute zero, and can sometimes be surpassed without use of inertia. The second is maxima freiza, which comes when the temperature reaches the negative version of the highest temperature, and the rest would take too long to explain. Basically, due to thermal inertia, the zone kept cooling down below the fifth filter and plummeted into the abyss in terms of temperature. Cold zones can have their coldness extracted for practical use, although this barely has an effect on their temperature. The energy that forms Cold Zones is thought to coagulate when The Final Final is being formed.

Those Blue and Black Knot Things

Other than cold zones, there are also large knots that just float around in the voids between The Final Chaoses. They are ties in loopholes in the fabric of The Final Final, things whose existence would put The Subfinal Verse in danger or harm it. These ties were knotted by the very first ascended stringtanglers from Caneverns, and the older ones use blue string while the newer ones use black string. These knots can be spotted every 100,000 The Final Chaos' lengths on average and are impossible to untie without using whatever they tied away in the first place.


10 OYC- Energies begin to move matter into stable environment and pure energy eternal beings begin to be born

15 OYC- The Final Limbos and other things of similar effect begin to coagulate

24 OYC- First The Final Chaos is formed

32 OYC- Almost all objects have made it into a The Final Chaos except some sugar cubes

32.5 OYC- Sugar cubes have expanded into large glass orbs

47 OYC- First ascended stringtanglers begin to make knots.

69 OYC- Nice is elected as the leader of The Spirit Council, and they begin fighting using complex geometrical reactions and natural phenomena

100 OYC- The Spirit Council wins the war and begins expansion to the great beyond

111 OYC- First civilizations escape from their The Final Chaos

120 OYC- The spirit council and civilizations begin to war on each other

122 OYC- Spirit council begins barring all civilizations and entities from exiting their The FInal Chaos

200 OYC- Spirit council begins to be destryoed by intruders from the inside out

201 OYC- Oppressed civilizations break free and begin expanding outwards

222 OYC- First Nuvi-erses appear, killing many civilizations

3000 OYC- Spirit Council begins to create Destruction Cores manually and destroy many opposing forces

4003 OYC- The W plane is constricted, allowing quick acess to far away parts of The Final Final

400000 OYC- Nice becomes powerful enough to revive small The Final Limbos

359900006 OYC- The memory is wiped, and almost everything is erased

34000000001 OYC- the dance of the glowing orbs occured, and rampaging balls of energy smashed almost everything into sub-F R I D G E verses, forcing everything to rebuild itself

50000000000007453222 OYC- Microfiber havens begin to form, made out of nylon to blanket as much as they can.

2008666666241672538962783273469847 OYC- Carbites and The Final Barriers begin to form in The Final Limbos and other similar verses

2058274726372819299374826749367492 OYC- The Final Final is flooded with beyond infinite iterations of The Box, filling up over 0.1% of it.

2058274726372819299374826749367492.05 OYC- The Super Hyper Dream is executed by The Spirit Council and the boxes are discarded into small pebble sized containers

2395876347683476893457676758765847 OYC- Flashing lights abound the Final Final

1836900000000000000000000000000000000000074929764421111103 OYC- Second hyper Big Bang occurs, creating an inconprihensible infinity of · killing 40% of the spirit council and creating enough matter to spawn another quarter of a The Final Final, but it was blasting out at instantaneous speeds. this proably came from another realm.

3524765234562378462378462376423784623784623846237562359237234983712856289476247376427 OYC- The Final Barriers finish forming along with The Final Existences

2.842948923742*10^483 OYC- The Final Boxes have formed into a stable state.

2.842948923742*10^483^300 OYC- The Spirit council escapes The Final Final

G(37) OYC- Caneverns are filled with many new concepts as it is connected to by new verses

TREE(3) OYC- First Limits of numbers are created, universes and antiuniverses are popping in and out of existence

TREE(TREE(TREE(TREE(TREE(TREE...TREE(TREE(7082))...(TREE(TREE(G(2.842948923742*10^483^300)))))))))))))))))... OYC- Verses down to F R I D G E have been formed

ω OYC- barriers of the cascadaverses formed

ω*5/3 OYC- Universes formed

ω*2 OYC- Law gradiency begins to form

ω3.4 OYC- Spirit council returns and kills unrecorded numbers of The Final Limbos

ω3.4+70000 OYC- Civilizations begin to group together to take down The Spirit council

ω4 OYC- Spirit council eradicated all civilizations that oppose them

ω4.1607902 OYC The Crimson King is formed, appearing as a dark crimson shillouette with a crown in the same color to match

ω4.1607902+0.04 OYC- The Crimson King nearly kills Gerald using time transcendence and manipulation of The Core of Everything to stop him from reaching his True Rage form.

ω4.1607902+0.040352 OYC- Dunkey Kong fights the Crimson King, but you can barely even call it a fight, it was a one sided beatdown and ahhanialation after a single Voidsecond. The Crimson King didn't stand a chance.

ω4.161 OYC- Present day.