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No, not really.

The Final Void is actually just a very large void surrounding The Final Barrier (because nearly all barriers are followed by a void). This void is a complete vacuum, and there are not virtual particles or even quantum mechanics in this verse. However, there are several pockets of matter surrounding the void, of which will be talked about in this page. The Final Void has not been explored in detail, so the known information about these are found here.


The Final Barrier was lucky in that it successfully formed, although it seems to be the only one, and others weren't as lucky. These leftover ruins of Final Barriers do not glow, and are called carbites. They are also shaped like spheres.

They also do not contain verses, unlike the single known Final Barrier.

Note: Only the first discovered Final Void contains Final Barriers, all Final Voids discovered afterwards only contain Carbites and Dark Spots.

Wendy's House

This is where Wendy lives. Apparently it is shaped like a modern house, but it is too small for us to check. Only one of these have ever been discovered

Dark Spots

Like a black hole, these are spherical sections of The Final Void that do not let matter come out of them. This is also why the light from The Final Barrier does not leak into The Final Void, because all the photons seem to get absorbed by these dark spots. This is the main reason why The Final Void has not been explored, due to the dangers of entering.