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The First Realm, or space as we know it, is an array of all H(0) objects, as in all objects in every dimensionality. Due to its stable structure, the majority of all civilizations in the 5th Everything Layer reside here. This realm is stable because of its many Finality Containers, which arrange objects and verses in an ordered way. Due to this ordered containment, if looked at from a far distance, this realm seems like an array of shining dots.

[Arrangement of The First Realm]

The First Realm orders things in a specific way, explained below:

The Box

The job of The Box is to contain everything that exists, or doesn't exist. Its exists because Archverses are very easy to destroy, so boxes, along with the Omniverse, order objects in a way that prevents them from colliding.
Also, due to a Box's method of self containment, any object big enough to collide with many things in a Box would likely have its size reduced, making it no longer a threat.


The purpose of this structure is to arrange boxes in a way that prevents them from colliding with bigger, more unstable objects or verses. It contains Cetaverses, which prevent existing or non-existing objects from staying outside a Box.

Timelines/Time and reality

These order things by causation, stopping most verses from falling into chaos. These also contain Existences, which also arrange objects in a ordered way.

The Clock, The Flower, and The Soul

The job of these structures are to contain things with various levels of describability. Due to their properties, anything beyond them is extremely hard to study.


These comprise and represent some of the final iterations of the axioms of the 1st realm, Including Order, Chaos, Noise, Limits, and ...Zero.

The Wheel

The final statement of the axioms of the First Realm, and a stepping stone to Realms beyond. Theorized to be moved from otherrealmy forces.