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Originally thought to actually be a force, Forcers are a type of W.E.N.D that help create every forcefield that weak entities use (smaller than Protoverse), mostly to rebound particles for weaker entities. According to their statistics, more than 75% of W.E.N.Ds more powerful than them use their services.

The Forcers have three leaders: The Prime Forcer, The Royal Forcer, and The Salesman. These three Forcers decide many of the things that go on in Forcer society, including getting sales from other entities and rebounding tactics. A new Prime Forcer is decided every 0.5 OYC, and they are for the most part an officer to find more efficient and powerful ways to rebound particles, The Royal Forcer is part of the royal family and gives lots of knowledge and information, and The Salesman finds new entities to use their services (A new Salesman is elected when deemed necessary).


The Forcers are extremely small, and they can survive in verses of various laws and materials, including a pure vacuum. At these scales, most laws don’t have much of an effect anyway.

The average lifespan of a Forcer is approximately 62 OYC, and around 4 OYC is spent in a non-physical state before being able to obtain a physical form and powers. When this happens, the Forcer will gain the power to move a particle (even · would only move very slightly), allowing them to interact with objects and create civilization. This influence is detectable, and form the only images we have of the Forcers, although soon we may get an image from The Core of Everything.


The Forcers mainly gain revenue through services to other entities, and about a third of all Forcers are rebounding particles at any time. The Forcers are split into many civilizations throughout many verses, and interact with some extremely small material that they can walk on, create machines to communicate with other civilizations, and survive. The Prime Forcer mainly decides where new civilizations are established.

The Prime Forcer

The Prime Forcer’s main job is to establish, update, and communicate with other Forcer civilizations. Every few days, all three leaders will converse about how to solve current problems and what announcements to make. Usually, The Prime Forcer will visit various civilizations and make sure that everything is going well and there are no problems with support systems.

The Royal Forcer

The Royal Forcer’s main job, as part of the Forcer royal family, is to take the vast amounts of information in the Library and help The Prime Forcer and The Salesman on what will help the Forcers the most in the situation, and also add to the Library.

The Library is a vast repository of texts, books, and various information on nearly any situation, including a fully documented history of the Forcers. A photo of the Library may also soon be taken using The Core of Everything.

The Salesman

The Salesman’s main job is to communicate with other entities and show them their options for forcefield. When a deal is made, The Salesman will communicate with The Prime and Royal Forcers and distribute currency to the Forcers who apply.


Every Forcer civilization has an elected leader, or a ‘Countrer’. The three leaders primarily communicate with the Countrers, and the Forcers each get a vote for each Countrer when a decision needs to be made.

Main Forcers

The Forcers mainly vote on decisions (the majority vote will count to their respective Countrer) and apply for service positions. Two of the most common jobs are to obtain resources from materials and also to apply for forcefield service (usually particle rebounding), although there are many others.


The Forcers offer multiple different options for their forcefields. The full list is as follows:


Cost: High

Users: Currently none due to high cost.

The manual option was the original invention of the Forcers. Before then, the Forcers were mostly an agricultural species that had little to no effect on other entities. This service takes Forcers and makes them manually push against particles to act as a forcefield.

Because of how resource-intensive this is, this is not recommended unless you are a very small entity, and even then there are better options.


Cost: Very low

Users: Wendy, Wendb, bogdot

The directed forcefield is the most recommended option for more powerful entities, as if uses the power of the user to rebound particles. Both Wendy, Wendb, and bogdot use this service, and it is much less expensive, due to there being so little Forcers required to use.

Professional Directed

Cost: Medium, but one-time payment

Users: Wendr, Yekht

The Professional Directed service is allocated for entities that want to rebound particles professionally and this service uses round-the-clock machines to rebound particles. Wendr uses this because... he rebounds particles professionally. Yekht also uses this service, but rebounds large particles less often.


Cost: Free!

Users: Micropeanut

The small-scale option is designed for much weaker entities and is completely free for any entity that can use it. Designed to rebound particles smaller than , this service only requires one operator to rebound particles, and this strategy allows for the maximum forcefield effect that a Forcer can achieve. Micropeanut uses this service because the Forcers thought it was too cute for something bad to happen to it.


This began by researchers looking into what was causing the forcefields of most W.E.N.Ds. By observing Micropeanut, they found that there was actually a separate, detectable force that the entity did not create themselves. It was originally thought to be a new fundamental force, but after a few OYC another group discovered that the forcefields of many other W.E.N.Ds were built from many tiny, individual forcefields, which were originally thought to be another particle, but soon Wendy told them about the Forcers, and the researchers got in contact.