The Forest Orb Verse is a huge artificial verse in the Ferroverse. It has a lot of planets, but no stars, and all planets have forests. Most planets are super small, about 4km to 3km in diameter and have no core. They are completely made out of dirt, and stone in the underground. These planets are called Mini Forest Orbs, and orbit Forest Orbs.

Forest Orbs are planets much bigger, and also contains some parts that aren't a forest (about 5% of their surface aren't forests). These planets are 67km to 56km in diameter, and are considered the stars of the verse. Forest Orbs are 20 000km to 30 000km apart from each other.

The Making of The Forest Orb Verse

The Forest Orb Verse was made by bots (built by the Zalkitans) that take stuff from the Multiverse's voids and transforms them into dirt. Then the Zalkitans made other bots that made the dirt orbit, and then they planted trees on it.

The Forest Orb Verse was made by the Zalkitans so they could make more wood without destroying forests native to their planets, and they also made it as a way to create more variations of trees, as they brought other species of trees from other planets that could breed with Zalkitm's trees.

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