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The Fried Egg is a giant "egg". Each of the "proteins" are very uncurled Structural Defiers. If two proteins are connected, that means the state of existence in both Structural Defiers combine, forming an object with multiple kinds of existence at the same time and multiple lists of properties. The empty space between proteins contain objects that can't be classified as any combination of existences, or even can't be classified as having a type of "existence" at all.

The Fried Egg, since it is fried, is normally 1 googolplexian degrees celsius, but in the empty spaces, there can be no defined or actual temperature. Sometimes, it can feel both 1 googolplexian degrees and negative 1 googolplexian degrees. This can cause yourself to split into two versions of yourself with different "existence coordinates" due to interacting with objects of foreign "existence coordinates".

Attempting to escape The Fried Egg will lead you to various objects in The Other Room, which are so far beyond "existence coordinates" that you would instantly die (usually) whenever you interact with them.

That Human feeds on one The Fried Egg per megaday for some reason, as well as being visited and nibbled on by The Ants every megaminute causing The Fried Eggs to turn into a Superexistverse, a verse with all existence coordinates at the same time. These superexistverses eventually die. Luckily, only one Fried Egg is cooked per megaday.

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