The Fubinet


The Fubinet is a large cubic area that contains verses. In the middle is a Line Hierarchy, but the rest of them are on the outside.

There is a door on The Fubinet, but it is only 10 meters tall and 10 meter wide, so it is very hard to get to due to the size of ships. Even more, the whole thing is a black void besides the verses, so it is hard to see.

At the very top, there is an area that is dedicated to storing verses. It doesn't do that, so it is just another black void.

The Fubinet is nearly uncontainable with real things, so only a near-direct copy of itself can contain it. Due to the laws of nonexistence though, that near-direct copy can still be containable, so this is not quite the end.

This verse is where The Island used to exist, but it escaped into the Cloudverse.

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