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The Gatus is the center of The Omnifrick and the prison of BEAN MAN BUT AWESOME. It has several "guardians", consisting of a civilization and six gods. The Gatus has is massive multimensional complex, consisting of 30 trials that will send you back to the first layer if you fail and the next layer if you succeed. The trials get increasingly more difficult and mentally damaging as you progress, and will revoke all memories of them when you fail, thus making it so you cannot recomplete them easily.


The guardians of The Gatus are beings who have sacrificed their free will in order to stop people from entering The Gatus. The reason that they have done this is because if a being somehow managed to enter and complete The Gatus, BEAN MAN BUT AWESOME would be released and all of their existence would collapse. The guardians are: Bean Man, The Sus Impasta, The Gamer King, The Great Chog, Galactus, The Goofy Goober, and The Epico Civilization.

Bean Man

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Bean Man is the originator of BEAN MAN BUT AWESOME. Knowing the destruction BEAN MAN BUT AWESOME could cause once once unleash, becoming a guardian was an obvious choice. Bean Man can easily stop most entities from entering The Gatus with its extreme powers.

The sus impasta

The sus impasta is a bit weaker than Bean Man. He joined when he heard that some people needed spaghetti and that BMBA, if released, would endanger both him and the spaghetti. His power involves complete spaghetti manipulation so he can make huge spaghetti fort-weapons to defeat any threat. It may sound ridiculous, but it is effective.

The Gamer King

TGK joined when he heard that he could get to fight things. He likes fighting things because he is a gamer and gaming has a lot of fighting stuff. He also heard that there could potentially be a “boss battle” against BEAN MAN BUT AWESOME if he failed to do stuff. He doesn’t know that this “boss” could erase him in an instant. He can manipulate the code of the universe and treat life like a video game, and he can respawn. Also, stronger beings can’t make him unable to respawn.

The Great Chog

TGC is a giant dog partially made of chalk. It has an army of god-level iguanas and axolotyls that are ridiculously stronk. It also has a meat grinder for a mouth and eats things for one of it’s attacks. It is really stronk, stronker than the gamer king and the sus impasta but weaker than bean man. It’s chalk can be used to draw things that become real.

Galactus - The Living Star

Galactus is a sentient rainbow star that can go supernova whenever it wants and doesn’t die from doing so. It is so hot that literally anything would be absolutely incinerated on contact. It is really strong and it joined because it was invited. It is fluent in every language ever.

The Goofy Goober

The Goofy Goober is a wierd goofy joke entity that is ridiculous and doesn’t follow orders well or anything, and he is insanely stupid. The goofy goober is more stronk than bean man, but due to the stupidity bean man could easily beat this guy in a fight. TGG is also the least effective of the guardians because of his stupidity. Nobody knows how he became a guardian.

The Epico

The Epico are a civilization obsessed with stopping people from entering The Gatus. They speak an alteration of English called “Ingerish” that is notoriously hard to read correctly, due to using several letters interchangably without any detectable rules with their created words. They have developed a ton of technology to yank people out and several arguably barbaric method of stopping people from entering The Gatus. One of these methods is a form of torture using specialized tools called Coachinvas (singular Coachinva). These tools use scientific mumbo jumbo to scare entities away from The Gatus. This practice is uncreatively called Coachinva'll Torture.