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The Gem of Emotion is the physical representation and explanation for all emotions/feelings in any verse above it. All emotions grow a larger amount depending on the power of the entity feeling said emotions. Here's all 6 of the emotions:


Sadness is surprisingly the most common emotion in this gem. Sadness doesn't just mean sadness, of course. It could also mean grief, depression, tears, or any other variant/representation of sadness (like rain). This color is the blue of the gem.


Happiness is the most famous emotion in the entire gem. Obviously, this doesn't just mean happiness, it also contains all things that represent happiness and all variants of happiness, such as smiles, excitement, sugar rushes, etc. This color is the green of the gem.


Anger is the 2nd most commonly occurring emotion. This color is the red of the gem, but doesn't just represent anger, but all variants and representations of it, such as frustration, irritation, or the ">:(" face.


Fear is one of the less talked about emotions, but not by much. Fear usually represents, well, fear, but also all possible phobias. This means that, since everything can scare SOMEONE, this one takes up 99.99% of the space despite this one being less popular. This can also represent variations of fear, such as nervousness, fidgeting, or shock. The color of this one is orange.


Neutral is just when you don't really feel any emotion. For example, when someone tells you "Bro, did you know that i drank a water bottle today?", you don't really care. There are actually variants of neutrality as well, such as carelessness, sleepiness, and any other really low energy emotion. This can also represent representations of neutrality, such as the ":|" face or the face most normal people have when not talking to anyone. This is represented by the color gray


You might think that psychosis is a branch of anger, but this is false. Anger usually doesn't cause psychosis, it's traumatic memories or just an overall disorder usually. However, this might make you think this belongs in the sadness category. However, it has too many branches to NOT be considered it's own category. Psychosis has multiple variations. For example, there's people who like making fun of/trolling people (arguably not psychosis), serial killers, and just mental manipulators. This is represented by no color, but has been confirmed to exist here. It's also the rarest emotion. (we used rainbow because it looks cool) It has a DX face.