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Introduction to the Gem

The Gem of Toxicity is a gem containing extreme amounts of toxic, radioactive, and dangerous materials, such as sodium, chlorine, uranium, and lead. While it is very dangerous, its grey look makes it distinct from the more brightly colored gems below it, making it a good place for pictures of travelers. In order to keep inhabitants of the lower -verses safe, a ball of void 10x the size of a Gem of Emotion is around it, distancing the chemicals.

Containment and Size

The Gem of Toxicity is unlike its other fellow gems, being vastly larger than the previous gem by an unknown yet infinite amount, making this another reason for tourists to arrive (with proper wear, of course). The way it contains the gems is also odd, as they are concentrated at the top, where the less toxic regions of the gem lie, and trickle down to where none are near the bottom. The reason for this lucky placement is unknown, but it is true for every single one of these gems.

How Deadly is it?

While the materials mentioned above are enough to kill you quite slowly, but that is not all. Botulinum toxin lines every inch, inside and out, and vast amounts of hymenoptera neurotoxins are also up to be stepped on, leading to near immediate stopping of movement if not protected.

Funny Information

The percentage of spider-people per gem that have gone here is astounding, as many bring their spiders with and get bitten. Giant, wise, and resilient snails inhabit the surface of the gem, feeding on rogue particles from the radiation given off. Their shells are made of Astatine that never radiates away.