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The Gem of Understanding is a gem that explains how laws, Omni Laws, Omega Laws, and any layer above or below this object work. The main reason things aren't constantly exploding are because this gem is in the core of that verse.


The Gem of Understanding is arguably the most stable verse ever. It only releases a singular Protoverse per hour, which is even more stable than much, much smaller verses. However, since it is this stable, nothing can really move here. Anything on the gem of understanding is typically at near absolute zero degree temperature, making it one of the coldest verses ever.

The Core

The Gem of Understanding is pretty much the core of anything above it, and, well, contains everything below it. However, for you to actually understand WHY the universe exists or HOW Omni Laws work, you have to be the exact size of this gem. As of now, The Multi Omega. (who is rapidly growing in size) is the only known entity who has grown (and surpassed) the size of this object.