Main Things You About the Creator

His power is infinite.

The Creator is an entity that is one of the Transcendents and has the ability to do everything, is all-powerful, and all-knowing.

The Creator is a deity or Creator responsible for the creation of the Earth, world, universe, omniverse, up to The Box. In monotheism, the single Creator is often also the creator. A number of monolatristic traditions separate a secondary creator from a primary transcendent being, identified as a primary creator.


The Creator possesses beyond infinite power as he can do anything he wants and does not want. Everything you can (not) think of The Creator is capable of doing it. His powers are so well beyond that of infinity that it can destroy and recreate the Endless in less than 0 Planck times with a single thought. Not even The One-Above-All or the Lord of Nightmares can match his power. his the creator of the box and the cycle of everything which contains the box itself.


The Creator has beyond infinite knowledge as it knows all everything anyone in the entire Endless (not) thinks. It knows everything that has (not), will (not), and is (not) happening in the entire Endless at one/some/every given/non given moment.


Its rank is above all verse, and have the same rank similar to The Box


It is everywhere and nowhere in and out The nothing ever and never it is everything and nothing even right now it is in you, next to, before, after, on top, under and around you.

How it looks

It looks like everything and nothing, if you meet it than for you it will look like your kind (humans) if a dog saw it, it would look like a dog for him.he is everything and no one could reach his powers.

It's Size

It's size is really UNKNOWN.


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