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The Great is a civilization that has really advanced technology. The civilization lives on the Great Omega-Rock, where they make lots of high-tech stuff. They live in underground houses. These houses only go 5 meters deep underground, though.

At 7.5 meters deep, is where Corruptite mining is done. 8 meters deep is the point where the Great Omega-Rock becomes fully composed of Omegite rock and Corruptite. Omegite rock is mined to make Omegite suits, mining tools, and Corruptite lamps. The rocks are filtered out of Omegite using their technology, then the rock is then disposed of at a machine that turns the rock into pure information. Omegite rock and Corruptite naturally form here, and the Great Omega-Rock is monstrously big, which means The Great will have an infinite supply of the stuff. The Omegite is then put into a machine that stores the Omegite as information. This machine has a button that converts the information back into Omegite and dispenses it. The Corruptite is mined for Corruptite lamps and weapons.

At 35 meters deep, lots of valuable materials are found, such as Hyper Metal and Energite. Hyper Metal is ridiculously strong, being stronger than any other metal in the local Cosmos, being used to make Mining Drills. Energite is a glowing material that supplies insane amounts of energy. The material also seems to never stop. Huge amounts of Energite have their energy farmed for The Great's power supply. They are also used in making Energite Tasers and Portable Power Supply Batteries.

These lads have a variety of technology. We will go over them.

Mining Equipment

These lads also like to mine for Omegite and Corruptite, and they use equipment for it.

Omegite Suit

The Omegite suit is a suit for members of the civilization that mine the Great Omega-Rock. It's made of rubber fused with Omegite, which is only some of the simple technology they have.

Mining Drill

These are made of Omegite and they drill through Omegite rock and Corruptite very easily. Another example of it's simple technology. The reason it drills through so easily is because it's drilling part is made entirely of Hyper Metal.

Mining Capsule

A capsule that can store an infinite amount of information. It is only 3 centimeters wide and 6 centimeters tall. It converts loose rock and Corruptite into information and stores it. It's run by voice commands. "Start" makes it start sucking stuff. "Stop" makes it stop sucking stuff in. "Empty" will empty itself out of all the things in it in matter form.


They also like cosmetic things that just look cool.

Corruptite Lamp

Just a usual lava lamp except it's filled instead with Omegite fused with Corruptite. The Corruptite gives the look and the Omegite makes it unable to corrupt matter. On the Corruptite page, it says Corruptite is black with glowing swirls of neon blue and hot pink. Guess they really like swirling blue and pink, then. It's unknown why they like that.


Sometimes they get into wars between different areas of the Great Omega-Rock, and they battle for the members of their area's lives.

Deleting Ray

These ray guns delete any living thing that the beam hits. These beams are also infinitely fast. They only operate in war though.

Corruptite Grenade

These are grenades that use wormhole travel to go wherever the thrower wants and have a Corruptite container made of thick Omegite rubber. Once the grenade explodes, the Corruptite container spews out Corruptite and after 1 second, the Corruptite is deleted to prevent further destruction.

Tank Attachment

These, when attached to a Wormhole Travel Pod, will give the pod a tank-like ability to shoot beams that are the same as the beams from a Deleting Ray.

Superweapon Ray

A Superweapon Ray is only used in a raid from another civilization. When used, will fire a beam that is infinitely fast that'll delete it's target.

Warning Megaphone

These are also used in raids. They use sound traveling through wormholes to alert the raiders of what's to come when raiding The Great Omega-Rock.


Since the Great Omega-Rock is monstrously big, they need a way to get places fast, faster than light, since the Great Omega-Rock is well over a Googolplex Ly big.

Wormhole Shoes

These special shoes can create wormholes to wherever the user wants to go, good for getting places really fast. These are the most used for solo travel.

Wormhole Travel Pod

These are also used for traveling googolplexes upon googolplexes of lightyears within seconds, however they are travel pods. A captain sits at the front and it creates and flies into a wormhole that leads to wherever the captain wants to go.


Here are some other inventions that The Great has created.

Energite Taser

The Energite Taser is a taser that is extremely powerful and stuns anything that is attacked with it. It runs on Energite, and harvests it's energy to then be used in use of the taser. Elongated time of use on life may harm it.

Light Filtering Goggles

These goggles are specially designed to filter out light to a safe level. They're usually used by members using an Infinite Flashlight.

Infinite Flashlight

The Infinite Flashlight is a special flashlight that has an infinitely bright output. This light for some reason also doesn't heat things. Usually used to take out enemies.

Portable Power Supply Battery

Since they also explore different places, the Great Omega-Rock's power supply won't always be on their side. Luckily, they have a solution. These little batteries are run on Energite and when you put one into one of the other inventions, the invention will be powered up and ready. No replacement needed, as it recharges using the Energite energy harvesting contraption.

They will be welcoming to visitors, but will warn them not to interact with their property. When the visitors use their property, it will be stunned with an Energite Taser. If done 5 times, the visitor will be attacked with elongated time of being stunned with an Energite Taser, and if they get away, they will be flashed with an Infinite Flashlight to burn the enemy's retinas. They'll be deleted with a Deleting Ray if they fight back.