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This thing wants to eat everything, and become the biggest object ever. If you still want to add even more, go

ahead. Expand it. This is a big barrier, the one greater than the Very Big. It is made from light, and nutrients, and oxygen. You could live in it, but it's hot. So hot. It spins at light-millenniums in the span of microseconds. It controls reality. Without it, everything would be chaos. It contains TREEYUM, the porcelain that The Bowl is made of, it is made of every single building material, mixed with the void.


The Great Big is made up with a lot of planets that sometimes host life. These planets are usually made up with Primordium Delta/Omega. There are also voids (These voids are NOT THE VASTNESS) that occasionally swallow the planets. There are a big collection of Vastnesses that are clumped up in the center of this verse. They rotate extremely fast and generate a crap ton of energy. That also gives the Vastness collection a very white, bright look. There are Vastnesses elsewhere, but nigh infinitely less common. They still occasionally interfere with planetary life, however.


The life in this verse live on the planets that I talked about earlier. They like to mine the planets for valuable materials such as the nigh-indestructable Primordium Omega. Sometimes they move to a new planet just to mine it. Also, the voids that swallow the planets have caused many problems. The life has to constantly move to a new planet due to the voids swallowing up their previous homes.

The voids that like to swallow planets

These voids that swallow planets are actually very interesting. They can appear sentient. They sometimes seem to aim for the planets with life, and when they don't catch the creatures in time, they seem to express "anger" by swallowing planets extremely fast and with great power. The voids can also swallow other voids if they are desparate for something to consume.