The Grey Area, also known as the In-Between or Infinite Desert, is the space between dimensions, in which time does not matter and reality does not exist. Only photons and breathable air is found here. As for structure, it appears as a bland grey desert for approximately 50 kilometers, before a door is seen to a grey hallway of massive proportions, with lines made of white prisms and white doors lining the walls. This hallway stretches 100 kilometers, before opening up to the desert, which goes to another hallway, repeating forever. Each hallway is dedicated to one Verse, and all the doors there lead to different dimensionalities of that Verse.

The Grey Area can only be entered by forming what is known as an interdimensional fissure. These fissures appear as finite-sized grey cracks in the fabric of reality which can be entered to be transported to The Grey Area. They are only opened when an object travels EXTREMELY fast through the vacuum of space. It is then as though the space is a wall and the object crashes into it, forming an interdimensional fissure which it immediately goes through. When a fissure is opened inside The Grey Area, coming through it will teleport the object that made it to where the original fissure that brought it to a The Grey Area was opened. Additionally, when this happens, not only will the object come through, but also a massive, liquidified portion of what makes up The Grey Area. This will swallow the closest object to it 4 seconds after opening, usually not the object that opened it as it is very fast, and bring it into The Grey Area before closing the fissure that brought it to a regular dimension.

As seen by the intricate plan of the Bezkonceverse’s citizens, time loop reseting events that occur within The Grey Area will not reset the time loop and never occur again, breaking the loop.

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