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The Hierarchy Hierarchy is a series of hierarchies. The top of the hierarchies listed here exceeds the top of the previous hierarchy, with different types of hierarchies being considered here.

For a hierarchy to be listed here, it must have a decent amount of pages linked that aren't redlinks. Also, the pages within a hierarchy listed here must have effort put into them.

Alternatively, if a hierarchy is a verse itself, then it doesn't have to have pages linked within it. However, the "hierarchy verse" must have effort put into it.

User-specific variants of pre-existing hierarchies are not allowed in this list.

Hierarchies do not need to be ordered by containment to be in this list, but at the very least must be ordered by size.

Hierarchies in italics are non-canon.

Class 1 (?)


  1. The hierarchy of absolutely ₜᵢₙᵧ objects


The Canon Hierarchies

  1. The Official Hierarchy
  2. The Extended Hierarchy
    1. Greek-Hebrew Verse Hierarchy
    2. Levulmverse Hierarchy
    3. Bocks chain

The Extended Hierarchies

  1. The Double Extended Hierarchy
  2. The Post-Hierarchy

The Generic Hierarchies

  1. The Generic Hierarchy
  2. The Generic Hierarchy 2
  3. The Generic Hierarchy 3
  4. The Generic Hierarchy 4
  5. The Generic Hierarchy 5


  1. Post-Alphasm Verse Hierarchy

"Disconnected" Hierarchies

  1. The Infinite Chain
  2. List of Everything Layers
  3. The Ball Hierarchy
  4. The Comprehensive Hierarchy
  5. The Full Hierarchy (WIP)

Non-verse hierarchies

Deleted hierarchies


The Pre-HierarchyThe Official HierarchyThe Extended HierarchyThe Official Cosmic Entity Hierarchy
The Double Extended HierarchyThe Post-HierarchyThe Alternate HierarchyThe Comprehensive Hierarchy
The Generic Hierarchy (2, 3, 4, 5)

The Hierarchy of Everything
Class 2
Metaboxial Structures:
Omnipyramid - The Omni Chain THE atom - The Infinite Everything - Knathsuperverse - Kolmnasuperverse - Altahsuperverse - The Great Superpentagon - Ujkasuperverse - Bhatsuperverse - Ghuipsuperverse - Terminal Icosahedron
THE galaxy - Kappahyperverse - Upsilonhyperverse - Gammahyperverse - Icosahyperverse - Arkahyperverse - Ghayahyperverse - Terminal Rhombicuboctahedron - THE light beam
Iotaultraverse - Arkthaultraverse - Hakarultraverse - The Ultra Black - Nullainterparesultraverse - Perpendicularultraverse - Actual Realm - THE black circle
Øpałatyœñ - Ťāzræŵo - Taparék - THE Qwerty - Tyažonteraverse - Pas̀kateraverse - Zatàteraverse - Ẍakkateraverse - Ÿanateraverse - Ŵasàteraverse - Terminal Thing
THE Floating Ƕ - Nìllaxettaverse - Dimanttxettaverse - Merkuriumxettaverse - Orbitalexettaverse - Gradientxettaverse - Jadrkexettaverse - Terminal Truncated Rhombicuboctahedron
THE red square - Asimagoymaverse - Nalkgoymaverse - Klaçagoymaverse - Bsëteagoymaverse - Rolmeegoymaverse - Pœliuxgoymaverse - Terminal Terminal Icosahedron
THE near end - Haggafëllxverse - Ytayafëllxverse - Pakafëllxverse
Å - The Last Verse - The Last Plane - The Last Void

The hierarchy of absolutely ₜᵢₙᵧ objects - The Official Hierarchy - The Extended Hierarchy

Physical Realms (Realmic Stripes) - Archrealities (Protoparticles, Inanes)

The Novachain

Nothing - The Hierarchy Hierarchy - Reality - The Structure of Everything